I’m here as a Servant Leader to help empower communities of believers with strategies and tactics needed to “take the light” to the marketplace.


When our kingdom character influences decisions and outcomes in the marketplace we’re practicing a strategy of kingdom advancement called “Business As Ministry”.

What is “Business As Ministry“ Learning Community about?
  • Growing and learning together
  • Taking action on your dreams and visions
  • Working as a global Body, fitly joined together
  • Allowing Holy Spirit to guide our work and influence in the marketplace and the community
How will we seek the Lord?
  • Prayer & Meditation
  • Worship & Celebration
  • Prophetic Releases over your Businesses & Careers
  • Finding your God-ordained Purpose
What Should I Expect?
  • To work hard on your own God-given purpose and goals
  • To share and receive advice and critical feedback from others
  • To build your one-on-one relationship with the Father
  • To become a LEADER in your sphere of influence
Will this be FREE? Is this a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization?
  • No and no.  Here’s why…
  • Studies show successful people invest 3-5% of their monthly gross into their own personal development.
  • Studies also show that Social Entrepreneurship is more effective at changing lives than non-profit charity organizations.
Do I have to be a Believer to join in?
  • All are welcome; but…
  • You should open to the teachings of the bible, prayer, the gifts of the Spirit, and reliance on God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.