Asking tactical questions is a strategy that is used when a person wants to change or redirect a discussion on to a P24different topic. When the scribes attempted to use this strategy on Jesus in Mark 3:22-27, they errored by not fully thinking out their statement before making it.  If you consider this story from Luke’s perspective, as found in Luke 11: 14-15, you see that the scribes’ strategy was to accuse Christ of freeing the demonic spirit to speak, when actually what He did was freed the mute man from the demonic spirit that had been preventing him from speaking.  

Knowing their intentions, Jesus did not respond by attempting to explain the difference between the mute man and the demonic spirit; instead, he totally debunked their thinking at it’s core by essentially saying: “Do you really think satan would cast his own self out of this man and give up territory he’s already gained for his kingdom?”  

It’s easy to get caught-up fighting the wrong battle when not thinking strategically. Jesus continually shows us how to remember the big picture while dealing with the issues of the day.