After almost a decade of living under immense speculation, engrossed by unimaginable levels of security, and encompassed by the stress of your every decision having the power to impact millions, the Obama Family gets to bring it down a few notches… drive with the car windows down so they can feel a fresh breeze… wake up by nature’s clock and not the alarm clock… and now their girls can just be girls – young ladies, actually.

What a wonderful feeling that must be. I celebrate the fact that the first black family in the White House finished the work they went there to do. They did so without scandal. They brought coolness and pizzazz that’s never been seen in the White House. And, bless God, everyone made it out alive. It’s a beautiful thing to finish what you start, and to finish it well.

Now friends… regardless of any other feelings you may have – good, bad or indifferent – mark the Obama family’s dignity, class, and tenacity, and apply that kind of motivation to your own goals. Be tenacious enough to accomplish your goals this year; do it with dignity and class. God is your Helper, the Holy Spirit within you is your Counselor, and the government of this nation shall be upon the shoulders of Jesus Yeshua Hamashiach according to Isaiah 9:6.

Keep these things in focus…