Will the Master’s narrative be your narrative?

It’s funny how our human nature makes us vacillate between wanting to be the focus of attention, to sometimes hoping we can go unnoticed – to fly under the radar.  Despite going through these shifts in desire, the Father keeps His eye on each of us, one-by-one, as He works His will into each and every one of who dares enter into a relationship with Him.

The parable in Luke 15 assures me that even in a crowd of 100 seemingly look-a-likes, He knows when I stray away; when I go missing…  when I refuse His narrative and take on the narrative of another.

Yes, we’re impressionable. Even the most heady person is impressionable at times.  Adam, God’s first human creation, was almost immediately persuaded by Eve’s narrative for him. What a different place our world would be had Adam held on to his Creator’s narrative.

But, thank God for reconciliation and grace! Our stories don’t end when we stray from our Father. He leaves the 99 to go get the one.