I have to use caution in talking about Prosperity because of some of the confusion, disillusion, hypocrisy and heartbreak that has overshadowed Christendom — The Prosperity Gospel

The prosperity gospel —-

  • Preaching and teaching on wealth and health supersedes the preaching and teaching of foundational biblical doctrine on God as Creator and Jesus as Savior.
  • The acquisition of material gain is the barometer to whether or not you’re a child of the King, or how highly favored and loved you are by God, or whether you carry an anointing or not.
  • Congregants are pressured to give more and more with the guaranteed promise of a quick financial increases and debt cancellation.
  • A nationally-known evangelist confessed to standing before the people wondering to himself: “how much can I get out of this crowd?”

This is NOT the what I’m talking about in this teaching.  What I am talking about is these four principles:

Principle #1~ You cannot move into prosperity until provision is fulfilled

Principle #2 ~ If you are not producing anything, you will use up all your provision and will therefore never reach prosperity.

Principle #3 ~ The ways in which you obtain prosperity must glorify God

Principle #4 ~ Let GOD order your steps!

I hope you’ll listen to this teaching and share your thoughts with me!