What a set of instructions the Jesus gave the disciples in Matthew chapter 10.  I cannot imagine the flux of emotions billowing through the disciples as Christ spelled out the vision. He made sure the disciples knew the expectations of the job ahead of them.  They knew where to go, where not to go, the message to deliver and how to present it, what to take with them, what to do when they were received, and how to handle rejection. Jesus also empowered the disciples to perform healings, drive out demons, and to out-smart wolves.   

We can learn from Jesus’ example how to prepare teams to perform with excellence. He: 

  1. Casted a clear vision 
  2. Told the team what to expect 
  3. Equipped the team to handle the good and the bad 
  4. Empowered each member of the team to do the work 


Empowering and equipping your team takes time, patience and skill…


In my own leadership, I follow Jesus’ guide to the best of my ability. In my imperfection, however, there are times when I fail to get it all right.   Whenever my team is not producing the outcomes I’m looking for, before I assume someone is being a slacker, I evaluate myself first. Did I make the vision clear? Did I create an environment for each member take ownership? Have I supplied the tools, resources and the level of authority to get the work accomplished without my constant intervention?   

One thing I have learned though out my years in leadership is that it’s to my benefit to find the missing piece. If can identify my shortcoming, I can quickly correct it. The team usually feels relieved because they can move forward and produce their best work. I’m relieved because I can step away from needing to micromanage , which is not my best work, and return to leading and strategizing our next move.