Today is the first time I ever heard the 8th century Irish hymn called: “Be Thou My Vision”. Right away, the first line of each stanza left me with so many thoughts. These lyrics set-off each stanza: 

Be Thou my vision 

Be Thou my wisdom 

Be Thou my battle-shield  

And, these lyrics brought the hymn to a close: 

“…whatever befall, still be my vision ruler of all.” 



Every true leader will find that she’s always moving towards a vision that can sometimes feel unachievable. It takes wisdom to keep moving, and to do so strategically in order to minimize back-stepping. Without question, there will be opposition, thus we steadily remember that the Lord is our Protector.   

The Lord gives His leaders visions of what He wants to see happen in the earth. Leaders carry out the vision by crafting a plan, building a team, and doing the work to implement and establish it.   The members of the team and the roles individuals occupy may change as the plan progresses. We can look to Joshua as a perfect example of a leader whose team completely changed while Israel worked through the process. Even Joshua’s role changed while working towards the Lord’s vision for His people (Joshua chapters 1-5).    

One thing we must always remember –  as the team members change and opposition occurs, it’s inevitable that the plan or strategy may change as well. Two things, however, should never change: (1) the overall vision and (2) the team Captain. In this case the captain is the Lord of hosts. He must always be the Captain and His vision must always be the vision we pursue and establish. 

The Lord has given me a vision to be one who helps restore the message and mission Jesus preached back to the Church. This vision involves somewhat of a deconstruction of some of our local church traditions. I definitely rely of the Lord’s wisdom and protection with every step I take and I’m praying daily about the team of leaders He’ll provide to see to it that the work is accomplished according to His will. I anticipate a challenge, and I still say: “…whatever befall, still be my vision ruler of all.”