When the Holy Spirit says: “leave that alone” your best bet is to do just that… leave that alone.

She contacted me with a plea for help and my knee-jerk reaction was to respond to her need. Just as I was about to pick up the phone to call her, Holy Spirit said: “leave that alone”.  I was stymied.

How could I not call her? I don’t want her to think I’m ignoring her…  What if she’s really in trouble?

But I knew I’d heard clear instructions from the Lord.  I could not allow the desire of my soulish heart to over-ride the impression He’d placed in my spiritual heart.

I put my phone down.

To this day I’ve never even inquired to know what happened.  I still wonder about it from time to time, but I trust the voice of the Lord to lead and guide me daily.

In our journey as leaders there will be times we must ignore that heart-felt nudge to help someone out of their dilemma. What you can do is pray that the leader in them rises to the occasion.

And as for you, dear leader…

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not to your own understanding. ~ Proverbs 3:5