How can we give arms and feet to the somewhat obscure concept of the kingdom? It is evident in the New Testament scriptures that this institution was of high value to Christ and the work He came to do. So how can we as believers ensure we’re not merely talking about the kingdom, but actually walking it out? Michelle Walker-Wade provides some keen insight on how we can apply the teachings and motivations of Christ in our personal lives, churches and communities today. This book explores theories for personal development, community development, transformational leadership, and Christian leadership.

~ excerpt from the book

God knows your strengths and He knows exactly which group or community of people you can bring the influence of His Kingdom to through your servitude. God puts you in places where you can be taught which decisions and choices will help you get there, and in positions where you can practice and train how to make wise choices right in the moment.  All the while, God is working on renewing your mind – working patterns of discipline in you – so He can elevate you and activate you in your predestined sphere of influence.  

ABOUT Michelle

Michelle is a professional in Adult Education Management, ordained minister, solo-entrepreneur, and an alumna of Oral Roberts University, Holy Names University and Trevecca Nazarene University with a Master’s in Organizational Leadership.